Selection, Training and Modalities of Implementation

  • MAITRI are chosen from unemployed educated rural youth so as to generate employment.
  • These workers are chosen from the local area, as they know the area and utility of the timely AI service
  • Minimum education qualification: not below 10th class and End Implementing Agency (EIA) may not be look for higher qualification beyond 10+2. Minimum age for AI workers may be fixed at 18 years by EIA.
  • MAITRIs are trained at accredited AI training institute (evaluated and accredited by CMU).
  • MAITRIs are trained using uniform training module developed by Government of India
  • MAITRIs are trained at the accredited training institutes for duration of 3 months (1 month classroom training and 2 month training in the field with AI service provider).
  • After completion of training certificate and Unique Identification Number (UID) will be issued by the training institute.
  • MAITRIs to be established under National Programme for Bovine Breeding component of the scheme National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBDD) will be multipurpose workers along with AI they will take up:
    • veterinary first aid,
    • vaccination,
    • agent for livestock insurance,
    • ration balancing,
    • milk recording,
    • data entry in national database
    • agent for distribution of fodder seeds root slips and stem slips etc.
    • Demonstration on feed management, health management breeding management will also be conducted through MAITRIs under NPBB
  • If MAITRIs are found to be deficient in their skill will be retrained at accredited training institutes for duration of 5 days.
  • All MAITRIs will be retrained after every year for duration of 5 days at accredited institutes.

Cost of training:

  • Provision of Rs 30,000 per MAITRI is made under the project.
  • Provision of Rs 3000 per MAITRI has been made for retraining under the NPBB.


  • After completion of training AI workers are established as MAITRIs. Under the scheme it is envisaged that each technician will cover 3 villages.
  • Following equipment are given from the project funds:-
    • Portable cryocontainer
    • Mother cryocontainer ( 1 for 5 MAITRIs)
    • AI kits
    • Uniform, gumboots, kit bag, cap, Apron etc
    • Trevis
  • 50% subsidy will be made available for procurement of Motorcycle/Moped/cycle in order to enable MAITRIs to deliver breeding inputs at farmers doorstep.

Cost of equipments:

  • Provision of Rs 60,000 has been made available under the scheme for procurement of equipments for MAITRIs.

Incentive Packages

  • Incentive @ of Rs 50/calf born will also be made available during the project period.
  • States are requested to tap extra-departmental funds available from multidisciplinary rural development projects for assisting private AI workers to be established during NPBB.

Monitoring and Control

  • MAITRIs will be registered and brought under the control of the AI service provider who will monitor performance of the AI worker, ensure maintenance of breeding records and recommend further re-training of the worker if the skills attained are not adequate.
  • After 3 years MAITRIs will be managed by Panchayati Raj Institutions.

Income of MAITRIs:

  • MAITRIs are free to collects fee for AI, veterinary first aid, vaccination, distribution of fodder seeds, root slips, ration balancing, milk recording etc.

Viability of MAITRIs:

  • If technician performs 300 AIs in a year can earn around Rs 30,000 in a year and Rs 2500 in a month exclusively from AI.